How to Increase Space & Clean Up C Drive in Windows 10?

If you use Windows, you must have had similar reservations. Windows is unquestionably one of the most widely used operating systems, yet it has a significant flaw. It frequently neglects to remove the debris and leftover stuff that takes up a lot of disc space. As a result, consumers search for various techniques to clean the C drive, often known as the Windows drive. Make sure not to remove any crucial files while doing this. We have developed this comprehensive tutorial to show you how to securely and effectively clean C drive.

Cleaning the C drive in a Windows 10 system is more difficult than cleaning other drive partitions. The C drive, where your PC’s operating system is stored, is the reason behind this. Therefore, cleaning the C drive runs the danger of removing the operating system or other crucial items that could result in problem.

Let’s first have a look at the data on C disc.

It’s crucial to understand that the “C” drive is the partition where Windows is installed before we continue. Although the drive letter may change, Windows is typically installed on the “C” disc. It can include the following items in addition to the customary content:

System files: Since they include the crucial firmware component, they are the most significant portion of the C drive. Additionally, it keeps crucial computer-related information in storage.

App data: Your system’s C drive likely has a tonne of installed programmes and applications. The more apps there are, the more storage space they require.

Junk: When we delete something, the Recycle Bin receives it. All of the information in the Recycle Bin is kept on the C disc.

Cache, temporary, and log files: To make operations execute more quickly, your system keeps a variety of temporary, cache, and log files on hand. The C drive would house all of this data.

User data and additional content: The C drive also contains a variety of downloaded files, essential papers, images, synced cloud data, and additional stuff.

Simply navigate to Settings > System > Storage on your machine to find out what kind of data is kept on the C drive. This will provide a detailed breakdown of what is occupying which space on C drive.

How Do You Clean C Drive?

Here are a few efficient ways to clean C drive and free up some storage.

Utilise Disc Cleanup.

Another built-in tool in Windows OS is called Disc Cleanup, and it is used to remove temporary and other types of data from drives. Here’s how to clean the C drive using Disc Cleanup:

  1. Go to the Search tab and enter “Disk Cleanup”
  2. Run the application, then choose C drive.
  3. Hit “OK”
  4. You’ll see a dialogue window. From the list, choose Temporary Files, then click OK

Clean Recycle Bin

The files you selected for deletion are located in the recycle bin. If these files aren’t removed, they could take up a lot of room on the C drive. The best course of action is to erase them.

Right-click the Recycle Bin folder on the Desktop and select Empty Recycle Bin to accomplish this.

Installation data compression

On your C drive, you can compress installation files and other data to conserve disc space. Compressing installation files can help you free up some extra space because they are often huge in size. Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Click My PC in Windows Explorer to go there.
  2. Select Properties by performing a right-click on C drive.
  3. Choose the General tab from the properties pane.
  4. You’ll see a choice at the window’s bottom. Compress this drive to save disk space.
  5. Choose this choice, then click OK.

Use a tool to erase files

Did you realise that files erased via system preferences or Windows Explorer don’t actually disappear forever? The hard disc still contains these deleted files, which data recovery software can restore. You can use file erasure software, such as BitRaser File Eraser, to permanently wipe data from your PC. All forms of data can be permanently deleted from your storage medium using the software. You may effectively and permanently delete any sort of file from your C drive by using BitRaser File Eraser.

  1. Install BitRaser File Eraser by downloading it.
  2. Activate BitRaser File Eraser
  3. The list of items you can delete using the software is displayed on the app’s primary interface.
  1. Then, in the left pane, select Erase File & Folder.
  1. Upon selecting the “Add Items” button, a dialogue window will appear. To access the hard disc, expand the option under “This PC” and scroll down.
  1. Expand the C drive next, then choose the individual files you want to delete.
  2. After making a choice, use the Erase Now button.
  3. A dialogue window will then show up to confirm the deletion. Select “Proceed”
  1. All the chosen files will be deleted.

Final Words

The operating system and other crucial files are located on the C drive, so you should be careful while deleting stuff from there. Several quick and secure ways to erase unnecessary data from the C drive and make space were discussed in this blog. Using a file erasure programme like BitRaser File Eraser is the most efficient approach to erase data from the device. This utility is made to completely remove all types of data from your storage device, rendering it unrecoverable.

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