How software engineers can assist in developing online games

Online games are extremely popular. While in the past a lot of people relied on consoles like Nintendo or PlayStation for their gaming, smartphones and tablets have taken over. Games that perform well over an internet connection are a must if they are to succeed in the modern gaming world.

Software engineers play a pivotal role in developing games that run smoothly and engage a player’s attention time and time again.

Core programming

The Core programming tools and platform have made it easier than ever to develop great games on a timeline. These free tools are built on the Unreal game engine. Of course, the more skills you have, the better your game will be. That being said, the Core system is something that all software engineers need to become familiar with. 

Sure, amateurs can use this, but since it is being so widely used, professionals need to learn what they can in order to utilize it when someone wants to make a professional-grade game using a simple engine and platform that keeps costs low.

Unfortunately, the Core game programming tools create games that are only available to PC gamers, making it a limited platform at the moment. There are plans to expand and make it possible for games to be created and used on all platforms.

Multi-platform development

Smartphones and tablets feature a variety of operating systems. A lot of the world relies on the inexpensive and easy-to-use Android operating system, making it a must for developers to use for any game they want to release to as large an audience as possible. 

iOS – the Apple operating system – and Windows are the other two major players. Ensuring that games developed on one operating system have versions that are compatible with the other major players is a good idea. This may sound easy, but there are some skills and tricks that only a seasoned and well-trained software engineer or programmer knows how to do.

Not taking the time to ensure that a game runs smoothly on all platforms can lead to bad reviews and many users either abandoning the game or not even trying it at all, regardless of what operating system they use for the game.

Networking and online features

Games need to be optimized and designed for the modern internet. This means they have to be kept up to date and checked regularly to ensure they are running smoothly. Gamers also want to interact with others and have their progress tracked in real-time. Games need to be designed so that users can easily access them across all their devices.

Automatic saving and updating are other necessary features. Some games also offer ways for players to purchase additional features and upgrades. Plenty of games offer a free version that allows for ads and other methods of revenue generation. For example, a game might allow you to play one level before you have to watch an advertisement unless you pay a set fee for the full version.

Game engine customization

Games run on a main program called an engine that controls how virtually everything looks and functions. New engines are created, but a lot of games run off of tried-and-true engines. A good example of a game that runs off the same engine is when you see a series of games. The popular Grand Theft Auto series has games that are all designed on the same engine. 

Sometimes a base engine has to be changed and customized slightly to make it a good fit for another game. This requires specialized skills and support from a software engineer.

Developing new and innovative game engines can be lucrative and exciting. New engines allow for more complexity and a different experience than what gamers are used to. Creating your own engine can be a source of additional revenue if you have a game or software design company.

Software engineers are in demand

If you love computers and want a career that you can grow with, then software engineering is one to consider. There are so many things you can do, making it a perfect profession for those who get bored easily when doing repetitive tasks.

Software engineers work on many different projects in basically any industry you can imagine. If you have prior experience in a specific industry but want a change, then software engineering and computer science can offer that. Some companies will feel lucky to find someone that has the total package of skills that is ideal for their business needs. 

How to become a software engineer

Becoming a software engineer involves earning an advanced degree that teaches graduates the skills they need to work in a fast-paced and competitive industry, where technology is ever-evolving. This is why further study is extremely useful. The software engineering Master’s degree from Baylor University, for example, is designed for those who already have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field, and who are proficient in at least one computer programming language such as Python. Baylor’s program includes courses in AI, Advanced Algorithms, Data Communications and Advanced Object Orientation.

Software engineers are necessary for the future of games and computer development

Software engineers play a major role in game development and maintenance. With games switching to mostly online and streaming platforms and the demand for new games growing incredibly high, more software engineers are using their skills to develop games that become popular throughout the world.

Now is a great time to earn a degree in software engineering and start an exciting career with unlimited potential for the future.

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