UPDF – An Amazing PDF Editor as a Helping Hand in Flourishing Business

Budget is the most important thing to consider before starting any business. You have to control expenses well to generate more revenues with limited resources. The best way to manage the budget is to use cheap alternatives of the commonly used things, like using digital documents instead of paper for making agreements.

Moreover, you can use electronic stamps rather than making your ink stamps. By doing such practices, your net expenditure will reduce as both things are used daily in the business sector. Go for UPDF, which is the best PDF editor having many features that you can use to cut down unnecessary expenses.

Part 1: How Does UPDF PDF Editor Help in Improving Business?

UPDF itself is a cost-effective PDF editor because it provides affordable subscription plans, and its single license is enough for all the platforms. Using this tool, you don’t have to repeatedly buy papers because all the legal documents can be handled on it. Moreover, it offers more than 100 stickers which a bookseller can use to attract kids toward comic books.

It also saves a lot of your time because you can share your file with anyone with just a single click. In the following, we have provided all the essential features of UPDF that will help you in your business:

1. Edit PDF Legal Documents

Instead of making legal documents from scratch, you can edit the original ones using this innovative tool. You can easily change the text of your document and crop the images as you want. Moreover, it also allows you to connect pages within the PDF file by adding hyperlinks. In short, you can style your legal PDF document as you want without any technical assistance.

UPDF An Amazing PDF Editor as a Helping Hand in Flourishing Business1

2. Annotate Candidate’s Test Sheets

Hiring new people is necessary when you want to expand your business. Recruiters can use this PDF editor to add comments on the candidate’s test using sticky notes, text boxes, and callouts. Moreover, you can use the markup options like highlight or underline to mark the mistakes instead of using color markers which are pretty expensive and dry out quickly.

UPDF An Amazing PDF Editor as a Helping Hand in Flourishing Business2

3. Convert PDF to Other Format

Is the vendor asking for a receipt in Word format? Quickly change the PDF receipt to a Word file using this remarkable converter. Apart from Word, it can also convert documents into other file formats like CSV, JPEG, Rich Text, and Excel Sheets. If you are doing online business, change the product information PDF to an HTML file because it is the best file format supported by the web.

UPDF An Amazing PDF Editor as a Helping Hand in Flourishing Business3

4. Fill Out Form Agreements

Printers are used excessively in offices, mostly to print out forms. UPDF can reduce that expense by allowing you to fill out the PDF forms on the device. This best PDF editor automatically detects the areas that need to be filled and highlights them so you don’t miss any of them. You can easily mark the checkboxes and add a signature to the form.

5. Combine Multiple Documents in a Single File

If you are running a business, you may have noticed that each document has its importance. Handling all of them is pretty difficult, but if you are a UPDF user, nothing is impossible. You can combine all the essential agreements, images, and bills of business deals in a single PDF. This will increase work productivity because you don’t have to go through different files individually.

6. Protect Confidential Files with Passwords

Files with confidential business records like transactions or trade secrets need high security. Cybercriminals easily hack those files which are not locked with a strong password. Use UPDF to add passwords in order to secure your documents. A permission password or open document password can be added to any PDF. If your file contains highly sensitive data, it is recommended to add both passwords.

UPDF An Amazing PDF Editor as a Helping Hand in Flourishing Business4

7. Share PDF Files

Fuel expense is increasing daily because of the never-ending hike in automobile fuel price. You can decrease that expense by sharing essential documents with your client using this PDF editor instead of giving them in person. It allows you to share PDFs via email and through a link. Above all, you can also set the expiry time of the link and restrict copy, print, and editing permission.

UPDF An Amazing PDF Editor as a Helping Hand in Flourishing Business5

Part 2: Why UPDF PDF Editor is Best for Business Instead of Adobe Acrobat?

Excelling in the business is everyone’s dream which can be achieved by working hard and smart. Business tycoons prefer UPDF more compared to Adobe Acrobat because of the following reasons:

  • Cost Effective: Small businesses cannot afford expensive tools like Adobe Acrobat. That is why people are highly inclined toward the UPDF, which is a cost-effective tool. Furthermore, as discussed above, its single license can be used on multiple platforms like macOS, iOS, Android, or Windows. Above all, according to your budget, you can select the subscription plan of this tool.
  • Blazing Fast: UPDF works at a blazing-fast speed without glitches, which means you can perform multiple tasks quickly. You don’t have to go through complex processes to resolve PDF-related problems. However, Adobe Acrobat is a little outdated tool that doesn’t respond promptly to your commands.
  • Feature-Rich: Instead of buying multiple tools for managing your work, you can use UPDF because it has numerous features. This tool allows you to annotate, edit, organize, and view PDF files professionally. However, Adobe Acrobat has limited features and certain limitations. For example, it does not provide a stickers library, and you cannot make a slideshow of your PDF file.
  • Easy to Use: You don’t have to take professional training to use this intuitive tool because it is highly user-friendly. All the features are well organized, and each is given a beautiful icon. In contrast, Adobe Acrobat is challenging to use, and newcomers need assistance to utilize it properly.

UPDF An Amazing PDF Editor as a Helping Hand in Flourishing Business6

It is clear that UPDF is the best choice compared with Adobe Acrobat. If you want to learn a more detailed comparison, please visit our Adobe Acrobat vs. UPDF article.


In a nutshell, UPDF is the best PDF editor for business because it greatly reduces the cost spent on papers, inks, stamps, and printers. This advanced tool increases your work productivity as it quickly responds to commands. Now, you don’t have to buy expensive tools to edit your bank receipts or agreements since this cost-effective tool provides multiple editing features.

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