Wireless Vs Wired Charging: What’s the major difference?

Wired charging has always been the main option for most people, but wireless charging certainly has its own set of benefits since you can be more portable. With that in mind, what’s the main difference between these? Let’s find out!

Wired charging

Wired charging is the fastest option because you don’t have to adapt to electricity being shared in a different way. Instead, you push it through a wire directly to the device. Simply put, if you want to ensure that you load a device fast, then wired charging with a device like the Gan Based PD/QC 3.0 wall charger is a very good idea and something to keep in mind.

A wall charger is convenient, and you can use it anywhere you have access to a wall plug. The amazing thing is that you will always have consistent charging speeds, so you’ll know pretty well when the device is charged. A wall charger like the Veger option listed above also has high speed PD/QC 3.0 technology, wide compatibility and charging protection.

Wireless charging

Wireless charging is exciting because you don’t have to worry about wires anymore. Instead, with something like the MagMulti Wireless Power Bank for iPhone/ iWatch/ AirPods Pro you will have portable charging anywhere and that alone can deliver exceptional results. Plus, you have a variety of great features too.

A wireless charging power bank usually has at least 1 or 2x the amount of energy your phone battery needs, so you can even use it multiple times. And while the charging speed is lower due to the nature of the wireless systems, it’s still pretty fast and you won’t have to worry about any issues or problems either. You also get multiple charging protection and a large array of other factors too.


Both wireless and wired charging are great, because they give you the ability to charge your phones quickly and with great results. Wired charging is faster, however wireless charging offers portability, so it all comes down to what you need and your expectations. It’s safe to say that both options are great to use, and it mostly comes down to your use case and what you expect. All of them are amazing in their own right, and you will find them to be extremely dependable and easy to work on. That’s what makes them a really good option for charging your devices!

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