Why do I need a skin in the game?

Skins are graphic or sound files that change the appearance of characters in video games. They are purely aesthetic in nature – they don’t increase a character’s abilities and don’t affect the outcome of the game.

Skins are an important part of the game and gameplay. Skins not only add new colors to weapons, but also change the sound effects, which can completely change the way you feel when firing the same weapon. On this page you can find all the valorant skins available in the game’s collection and choose the weapon that is right for you.

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The variety of skins in Valorant

Valorant is a competitive 5-on-5 tactical shooter from Riot Games. It is the first game to challenge CS:GO in the tactical shooter genre. Valorant builds on the success of CS: GO and takes it one step further.

Each skin looks different, each offering unique feints, animations and color schemes. Everyone who plays Valorant has at least one series of skins they like. We will present some of the best Valorant skins that we think deserve a new set.

Riot usually presents these skins in sets and offers a discount for the first week or two. After that, you can only buy the skins when they happen to show up in your daily store assortment at full price.

Skins affect animation and sound

Why do I need a skin in the game1

Skins in the game, unfortunately or fortunately, affect only the audiovisual aspects.  That is, applying a new skin will change the appearance, sounds, animation, a few other little things, and that’s it. Sometimes, when you apply a new skin, it may seem that you are holding a new weapon.

Sure, the appearance of the weapon will change, but its effectiveness will not change in any way. All characteristics remain 100% unchanged. And the characteristics of the weapon are the most important, they play the most important role, regardless of the appearance and sound.

Do skins help?

If we talk about the impact of skins on the gameplay Valorant, the answer is clear – skins do not affect the game. It is only the professionalism of the player that affects the game, not what skins he uses.

However, from a psychological point of view, the changed animation, design and audio affect our perception, how we see the game and what decisions we make in it. That is, technically you play with the same weapons, but subconsciously you feel much more confident.

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