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Creating the right design of the interior of the store is not within the power of every person who understands design. Design shapes the image of the store, attracts customers and helps sell products, so it is important to think through everything to the smallest detail in order to invest in the most effective way. There are several factors that need to be considered when designing.

The main design factors

First of all, the architectural plan of the room should be taken into account. Utility rooms, warehouse, need to be disguised so that they do not catch the eyes of buyers, distracting from the product.

The second important point is the location and zoning of the product. First of all, the eyes of buyers should fall on assortment areas with sales leaders, novelties and special offers. Following the assortment areas, it is recommended to locate customer service areas, fitting rooms, and the credit department.

For some stores, these zones can be combined, for example, in jewelry stores, however, the principle of zoning is used for most sales halls and supermarkets. To separate the assortment area from the area of ​​work with customers, you can use a change of furniture. Instead of racks with goods or hangers with clothes, fitting rooms, sofas and mirrors are installed. Great importance is attached to proper lighting.

The role of lighting

Store interior design specialists draw attention to the fact that by choosing the right lighting, you can increase the volume of sales several times. The basis of lighting is soft diffused light, which is suitable for any store, additionally lighting of goods in the window is used. Manufacturers of trade equipment install various types of additional lighting, based on LEDs or halogen lamps, which allow you to choose the optimal option for lighting products. Lighting with the help of lamps is more suitable for meat, giving it a natural and fresh look. However, this type of lighting is not suitable, for example, for jewelry.

Shelves and furniture

There is no single recipe for choosing retail equipment, as there are many options for almost every store. It is worth noting that it makes sense to order a special equipment project . It costs more and takes more time, however, it allows you to give the store a special thematic design , to give it uniqueness, which contributes to recognition. This is especially important for retail store chains.

Another option for the interior design of the store is the choice of standard racks. A faster and more economical option is to arrange an assortment area. Suitable for general grocery supermarkets.

Another type of furniture is sofas for fitting or waiting. The main requirement for them is to be comfortable and fit into the overall design. The amount of such furniture should be sufficient so as not to create queues and complicate the buyer’s selection process.


The window is the face of the store, a valuable tool for marketing and attracting customers. The showcase is made in the same style and color scheme as the store and should make it clear who the store is targeting and what it sells.

The shop window should not show the assortment of the store, but convey its spirit and the benefits of purchasing the product. You can use dressed mannequins, or photos of happy people, thematic drawings.

Color scheme of the interior

The choice of color in the interior design of the store is the most significant element. Nevertheless, most supermarkets do not attach much importance to it, using a simple white color in the design. As a result, all stores become similar to each other and an important criterion for attracting customers is not used. To stand out from the mass of identical stores, you need to create and use a unique style. There are no universal recipes. However, it is worth remembering that depending on the lighting and illumination of the walls, the color scheme of the room may change. It remains surprising that other commercial objects, such as offices, cafes, and hotels, use unique design styles, while showrooms and stores resort to this technique much less often.

Use of advertising

The interior of the store can be a great place to place your own advertising and product advertising. There are several ways to implement this idea: light boxes, three-dimensional letters, advertising posters, signs.

Interior advertising should fit into the overall design. For each of the types of sales halls, different combinations of advertising means are permissible.

Interior ergonomics

The main function of the retail space is to sell products. Therefore, when designing the interior of the store, it is important to think through the design in such a way that it helps sell the products. Also important is iron works sacramento. Whatever the products are, everything in the design should contribute to their sale: lighting, special furniture, convenient location, and service staff.

It should be convenient for the customer to find and buy products. In the store, it should be convenient and easy to navigate, try on clothes and shoes, familiarize yourself with information about the product and its characteristics. The lighting of the product, the font on the signs should be such that it does not strain the eyes. If the buyer feels comfortable, the chance that he will return to the store for a new purchase increases.

It should be convenient not only for customers, but also for service personnel. The success of the sale depends on their friendliness and mood, therefore, it is worth taking care that the employees keep their strength until the end of the working day. The staff’s democratic attitude towards visitors, even if they are not going to buy anything, is a guarantee of successful sales to the same buyers in the future.

There are no small things when designing the interior of a store . Everything, from the direction of movement of customers in the hall, color scheme, lighting, furniture and design of price tags, is of essential importance for sales.

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