– a stress reliever for Mexicans is the World Cup

For Mexican fans in Qatar, football is a “stress reliever” to help them temporarily forget economic and security problems in their homeland – That is shared with Vn88 mobile daily newspaper.

The Mexican team did not perform as expected at the 2022 World Cup and will have to fight to the end in the match against Saudi Arabia on November 30 (the morning of December 1, Hanoi time), but this does not seem to matter for the team. with the fans of this country.

During the group stage matches, thousands of passionate fans of the country wearing wide-brimmed hats, Lucha Libre masks and traditional Mariachi shoes, gathered and made their mark throughout the Qatari capital Doha. . Image provided by Vn88cx.

Omar Soriano, 32, a fan from Toluco, Mexico, says the sport is a stress reliever for Mexican fans back home, bringing “everyone together, regardless of wealth, poverty, gender”.

“We eat together with football, dream with football,” he told Vn88 sport. “Here, all unite to support the national team. That’s what we players need and we always support them.”

At the famous Souq Waqif market in Doha, the sight of hundreds of Mexican fans singing and dancing has become a daily occurrence, attracting the attention of many tourists and locals.

Photos posted by have some people even painting their faces in the image of the skull “La Catrina”, the symbol of the famous Dia de Los Muertos festival for the dead. Soriano explains that Mexicans wish “the rest of the world” could experience and be in contact with their culture.

“We are a diverse, multi-ethnic country and take great pride in our culture,” he said. “We want to be promotional ambassadors for Mexico.”

Abel Costa, 61, said if Mexico made it through the group stage, it would be a “huge victory” for the country, adding impetus to a country already facing numerous security and economic difficulties. .

Statistics data from Vn88 mobile shows that Mexico’s inflation rate in the 12 months to October was 8.42%. Earlier this year, 12-month inflation in Latin America’s second-largest economy was at levels not seen since late 2000, surpassing the Central Bank of Mexico’s 3% target, forcing the country to tighten its currency. Mexico also faces gang violence related to drug trafficking, especially in northern states bordering the United States.

“People at home are very needy, poverty is rampant, violence is rampant. Many people are trying to make a living every day. Football helps them forget their hardships,” Mr. Costa said, adding that the street parties The city will take place in Mexico if the team wins the 2022 World Cup.

Commenting on the Portuguese opponent with Vn88cx, coach Bento said: “We have to work hard to beat them. In the match against Ghana, Korea left a positive impression but it was still not enough. Football is like life. We have to push our limits and perform well and avoid making mistakes.”

“Changing the starting lineup depends on the opponent. I also have to review the team’s own strengths or weaknesses to find the right system,” the coach concluded.

The Korean team was forced to beat the Portuguese team in the last match and they anxiously waited for the results of the Uruguay – Ghana match to know their fate. Coach Bento’s teachers and students only earned a point after 2 matches, equal to Uruguay but with a better difference (-1 vs. -2).

The host Qatar had a quick interview with Vn88 about installing a super-large capacity air conditioning system at eight stadiums hosting the 2022 World Cup due to concerns about too high temperatures (maybe up to 50 degrees Celsius), even in hot weather. winter day. The huge cooling system is located under the seats and on the top of the stands.

In the first two rounds, the earliest match took place at 13:00 Doha time, followed by the 16h, 19h and 22h frames. In fact, the cooling system has worked when no match at the 2022 World Cup had to use the “cooling break” time (one minute break for players to drink water). However, some fans complained that the air in the stadium was so cold that they had to wear more shirts. Some are warned of the risk of heatstroke when the temperature difference between inside and outside the yard can be up to 20 degrees Celsius.

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