Excellent Bird Diverters You Can’t Miss

There are more and more power line installations around the world, these high-altitude installations are threatening the lives of birds, and more and more birds are losing their lives. Faced with this problem, we continue to take measures. Then a bird diverter can solve this problem.

Henvcon bird diverters

Henvcon bird diverters are very easy to install and remove, and they are also cost-effective. Additionally, these bird diverters are easily visible to birds and are made of rigid high-impact PVC with excellent chemical resistance, strength properties, and good physical properties.

Advantages of Henvcon bird diverters

  1. Save the lives of birds that move or migrate through the air.
  2. Reduce the threat of damage to living wires, pull cords, transformers, and other valuable appliances.
  3. Help deter birds from bringing their nests close to the line of fire.


Bird diverters are now indispensable products. Henvcon uses professional knowledge and strategies to meet the needs of customers. Don’t miss out on the excellent bird diverters from Henvcon, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on bird diverters on power lines.

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