Up-lighting, down-lighting, and lighting effects are undoubtedly already on your mind when it comes to lighting your event space and venue. What about Gobo projection, though? Light Design is an event production company. And we have the greatest gear from reliable suppliers to fulfill any stage lighting or design needs.  What exactly is a Gobo projector, and what can you do with one? Here, therefore, is our rundown of why Gobo projection is so useful at business functions.

What is a  Gobo projector

To make  gobo projectors, a little circular stenciled disc is used. This is installed in light bulbs so that an image or pattern can be cast onto a wall or ceiling. When light is shone through a stencil, an image is formed. Gobo is an abbreviation for “go between optics,” which describes this technique. The light is angled so that it will pass through the cracks. Logo projection is only one of many possible applications for this.

The different types of Gobo projectors 

Plastic, glass, and steel Gobo are the three most common materials utilized in the lighting business. Steel Gobo’s are the cheaper, shorter-lasting version, whereas plastic Gobo’s are made specifically for use with LED lighting. Glass gobos have the longest lifespan and highest level of detail.

The best cases for employing Gobo projection during gatherings

 So, why use a Gobo instead of a standard light bulb? And what benefits might you anticipate from using one? Gobo projection is a great addition to any event for many reasons.

  • Advertising campaigns

Gobo projection is a novel, intriguing, and original method of showcasing your logos at your event’s various locations. Boosting brand awareness and advertising revenue at the same time is a win-win situation. But it can also be useful for publicizing your own business or product and getting the word out.

Further, the Gobo projector’s use of light to display the logo can be far more effective at drawing in an audience’s attention and keeping it there. To spice things up, try switching where the logo appears. Especially when contrasted to the use of posters or other antiquated means of corporate branding, this strategy proves to be highly efficient.

  • Appealing to the eye

Throughout the event, there will be times when you need to get people’s attention and steer them in a certain direction. Gobo projection is a great tool for grabbing people’s attention and making them pay attention to what you’re saying.

To add even more visual interest to your event, Gobo’s can also be used in a static capacity. Gobo projection is a fantastic tool for transforming a boring space into something spectacular by adding eye-catching focus points and designs. Gobo’s can be configured to reflect the event’s theme or decor colors.

There are several reasons why Gobo projectors should be a part of your event lighting setup. They serve a number of roles and are aesthetically pleasing additions to any event area. Here’s a quick rundown of why Gobo projection shines in corporate events:

Logos and other branded material can be displayed in a variety of inventive ways with the help of Gobo projectors during your next event. They are excellent at raising awareness of a company, and they may be positioned in multiple areas of an event to maximize exposure.

Gobo projection is an effective method of attracting and holding the attention of a crowd. Keeping your audience interested and focused on your message or content is easy with the help of dynamic lighting effects and mobile projection.

Gobo projectors can make otherwise dull event settings stand out with their eye-catching visuals. They may provide an added layer of visual appeal to your event by creating eye-catching focus points and patterns that complement the theme or decor.

Gobo projectors, in conclusion, are an excellent lighting option for corporate events because of the positive effects they have on branding, audience participation, and the overall atmosphere of the venue. Gobo projection is a lively and efficient method of promoting your business, directing people, and setting the mood for your event.

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