How to Sell a Real Diamond Ring

Selling your ring can be a challenging endeavour, so it’s crucial that you receive an equitable price for it.

One option would be to sell to someone within the jewelry industry such as a jeweller, Diamond buyers Perth dealer or pawnshop; but be wary; these businesses are likely looking for ways to turn a profit and might offer less than retail value for your pieces.

Get a professional appraisal

Finding top dollar for your diamond requires professional appraisal services. When searching for such services, it is vital that they come equipped with equipment certified by your state such as scales certified by its Bureau of Weights and Measures to provide accurate evaluations of jewelry pieces that is important to you.

As is always recommended, having your jewelry appraised by an impartial third-party appraiser is ideal. Although taking it directly to a jeweller may work as one option, they will most likely only care about to sell gold ítems you what it costs them in terms of profit margin.

Consider selling it via an online marketplace such as eBay, Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace; however, these sales can often be misleading and potentially risky; your jewelry could even be stolen if sent through the mail or meeting someone in an unsafe area for private sales.

Know your ring’s 4Cs

Before trying to sell your ring, it is essential that you are knowledgeable of the four Cs of diamonds: Cut, Clarity, Carat weight and Colour. These characteristics determine a diamond’s value and distinguish it from others on the market.

As with any purchase, it’s also crucial to consider if your diamond ring is branded. Rings bearing well-known brand names typically command higher retail prices due to mark-up for premium services, including air conditioning costs, salary payments, and insurance premiums and shipping expenses.

At its core, diamonds are worth what someone is willing to pay. You can try to influence this price by learning more about its 4Cs and shopping listings to compare similar pieces’ pricing – however be wary not to allow sentimentality drive the purchase price too heavily! Alternatively, eBay and Craigslist provide another method for selling rings directly, although this often results in lower selling prices than selling directly through these platforms.

Know where to sell

If you have a diamond you want to sell, it’s essential that you find the appropriate place. Doing this will ensure you receive an optimal resale price, potentially saving a substantial sum if replacing your ring or giving it as a present is required.

People often believe they will receive fair value when selling jewelry to local jewelers or pawn shops; however, these businesses tend to just look to make profit off your sale and don’t always provide fair offers. Private buyers may often provide better offers; sometimes even offering to pay cash on the spot!

If selling online, use an escrow service to guarantee payment and protect yourself against scammers. When meeting potential buyers in person, meet in a public and safe place and be sure to provide high-quality photos from multiple angles of the ring for buyers to peruse.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate

People selling diamond jewelry may be disappointed with how little money they receive as their vendor has to take into account overhead and profit when offering an offer price.

When selling a diamond ring, it is key to be open-minded when negotiating its sale price. Consulting professional appraisal reports is helpful in understanding its true worth; with this knowledge in hand, you can set your desired minimum offer price and negotiate accordingly.


Remember, however, that selling directly to a private buyer will likely result in a higher resale price compared to selling through consignment shops or dealers. Furthermore, private buyers won’t charge commission fees which could significantly decrease its total value. Make sure all communication during this process remains clear, closing the deal with either cash payouts or certified bank checks so as to safeguard both parties involved and avoid miscommunication issues.

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