5 email marketing strategies that are proven to deliver results

Email Marketing is an often overlooked form of marketing that has great returns. As a corporation, email marketing must be among the top means to promote yourself. You can target your target audience more directly, without distractions, and even create specialized messages.

However, this is only possible if you properly utilize this marketing strategy. As such, there are a few ways using which you can effectively use email marketing to promote your corporation. First impressions are everything, so you must design and write emails that compel the reader to read and engage. Here is how to do it.

Create A Mailing List

To send your emails for marketing, you need to identify who and where to send them to. You will need email addresses and a few ways to get them. We recommend you don’t buy databases and collect addresses organically from your website, contact forms, etc. If you hold a physical event, you can collect emails from people who check-in and sign up for updates.

Once you have a list, organize it with your email service provider and organize them into groups. Whenever you want to send an email, you will only need to pull this list up, draft your email, and click on send.

Design A Professional Looking Email

When it comes to the corporate world, appearances are everything. You need to set yourself apart from the competition while also maintaining a professional look. This is especially true for your emails where appearances can make or break everything. If you create a poor impression, your audience won’t read your emails.

To create professional-looking corporate emails, use an online service like PosterMyWall that specializes in designing services. There, you’d be able to use their corporate email templates that have the professional look and feel to get the message across. You can also use them to create several emails in advance and then send them periodically.

For example, this is a template used to advertise a professional marketing service. It shows off the company logo, offers the gist of what the company does and has a call to action button to get the audience to engage. Although simple, it gets the message across and maintains a professional feel that is sure to get them taken seriously. Something similar can also work for you.


Use Subject Lines That Compel The Audience To Engage

Before your email is opened and read, it will sit in the inbox of the recipient, and the only thing they’ll see is your username and subject line. The latter will tell them what the email is about. This is what compels them to open the email and read it so you can get the message across. But if the subject line is bland, they won’t open your email and will likely delete it.

Try using subject lines that create a sense of urgency. “Get X done with us today!” where X is the service you provide. This is an example of the kind of subject line you can use, it compels the reader to click on the email now at the very instance. They will look at the email, read it, and act on the call to action.

Follow Up Emails

Here is where most email marketers fall flat because they don’t send follow-up emails and close the deal properly. Once you have gotten the target audience to open your emails and take action, you need to send follow-up emails. These can be simple thank-you emails, more deals and offers, etc. These emails are usually automated so you’ll likely have them send out automatically when someone takes action.

The reason for these emails is to provide a nice close to interaction with your audience. It lets them feel wanted and valued and they’ll likely engage with you in the future too.

Allow Your Audience To Opt Out

The last thing you want is to keep someone on the emailing list who doesn’t want to be there. Losing your audience members is not favorable, yes, but you can’t also make them stay against their will. As such, give the option to your recipients to opt out of receiving emails from you. Interestingly, it works in your favor.

As you allow the freedom to leave and they don’t feel stifled. They will be more likely to return knowing that they can leave whenever things don’t work out. More often than not, they will return so it pays to have this option.


Every good email marketing strategy worth its salt is consistent in its work. Once you develop yours, stick to it and follow it consistently. But allow yourself room to tweak things if needed depending on the feedback you get. Above, we gave you some of the best tips out there for corporations to market themselves with email. Follow them and you’ll see the results yourself.

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