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Facebook is known to be used more successfully for B2C businesses; however true this may be, Facebook is an excellent tool for advertising and marketing for all business types. You need to find the right message! Facebook may seem like a forbidden fruit for many B2B companies as Facebook normally prioritises posts from family and friends over companies trying to sell products or services.

B2B companies can use Facebook to build brand awareness and introduce buyers to their funnel. It’s a great space to start a conversation about your brand with potential customers or clients while using the platform for social reasons. If you don’t have an in-depth understanding of Facebook advertising and wish to find out more, then contact a Facebook ads agency that can give you expert advice.

In this article, we will explain the most effective way for B2B businesses to use Facebook marketing to their advantage.

Create an effective B2B facebook marketing strategy

An effective marketing strategy is essential for any company, whether B2C or B2B. Ultimately it is what’s going to sell your company’s products or services whilst positioning you in the eyes of the right audience, adding value to your services and, in the end, converting potential buyers into customers. But what makes a good strategy?

Build A Buyer Persona

Every part of your marketing strategy holds value, and a clear understanding of your ideal buyer will help you target your audience better. Now, we don’t mean ‘My target audience is between 18-35, and they enjoy…’ – no. We advise that you go into greater detail and build this persona from the ground up. A few questions you could consider are:

  1. What does this buyer do on the weekend?
  2. What are their interests, work and social?
  3. If interested in your product or service, how will it benefit them?
  4. Does this person have children or are they studying at uni? If yes, what’re they studying?

Use a few of these to get yourself started, and hopefully, you will be able to create several personas of the different kinds of people you can find in your audience. This will help you to target your buyer personas using ad copy and creatives targeted at their interests.

Use Facebook To Build Brand Awareness

Although we know from above that Facebook is a B2C haven, B2B is capable of using this platform to its advantage too. We strongly recommend you consider using this platform to build on your brand awareness because your B2B also use Facebook, so you can reach them this way too!

Work Your Conversion Funnel To Your Advantage

Every business has a funnel, and that is; cold, warm and hot. Cold being the audience yet to discover your business, you should focus on brand awareness at this part of the funnel. Your warm audience should concentrate on retargeting those who have shown interest in you already, and your hot audience is to get frequent buyers to continue buying from you.

With that in mind, you should tailor your creative copy and content to each step of the funnel. Include USPs that will reel your customers in and differentiate your brand from your competitors. Also, include any discounts that are available or important messaging that is specific to each section.

Campaigns To Focus On

As a B2B company, you should focus on lead campaigns as you are selling a service, not a product. Therefore, these purchases will likely be well thought out rather than impulse buying. As your customer sits in consideration, here is where you will push your pain points and USPs across in retargeted content. It would be suitable for one of your ads to focus on getting customers to fill out a contact form or to subscribe to a newsletter so you can build on your email list for future ad campaigns.

Conversion campaigns are usually the cheaper option, and if you focus on these too, we advise you to use these ads to direct your customers to a customised landing page. This could ultimately lead those customers to fill out a signup or enquiry form, generating more leads.

To Conclude, Get Someone To Help

Facebook can be challenging for companies, especially if you don’t have a dedicated digital marketing person or team that specialises in ads. However, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask for help, as everyone needs a little from time to time. There are digital marketing agencies that can offer advise or even join your business as a third-party team. Remember, there will be trials, and there might even be errors, but without taking a risk, you’ll never know what works for your company and what doesn’t.

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