Top Quality and Prestigious ATM Card Exchange Game in 2023

Game money exchange via ATM card is always the number 1 concern of gaming believers today. Choosing the right games will help gamers find the most profit. So, please follow the article below of 789BET for more details!

1.Game to change money via ATM card and things to note

Game money exchange via ATM card is a form of online betting today most popular because of its convenient advantages. Join the game to exchange rewards and withdraw money via bank cards with high safety, good security and convenience for users.

However, fraud and lack of credibility often occur. Therefore, it is necessary to be alert and choose to ensure credibility. Here are some standards that you can use to judge the credibility of the ATM card game:

Brand elements: Should choose games with clear origin, which are products of big brands.

Having an operating license from a competent unit; show professionalism.

  Wide range of game products.

Rich financial transaction methods, convenient and reputable gaming.

Many promotions and regularly updated.

2.Top ATM card game you should know

Many online betting games are rated as quality. However, the house 789BET would like to share with players some of the highest rated games.

2.1 Over and under

This is the most popular ATM card game, attracting a large number of players. How to play Big Sic is not too difficult, only using 3 dice to spin the bonus. Players will choose to bet for Over or Under in the following cases:

Over: The player bets on the total number of dots on the dice 11 – 17.

Under: Bet on the total value on the dice faces 4 – 10.

The number of dots appearing on the dice faces can be very random, but in order to win, you also need to keep a few things in mind:

Need to understand the rules of the game, master how to play.

You need to stay mentally strong to make the best decision.

Choose a table with a large number of participants.

Can be used to play quickly to have high safety.

Choose 789BET for the best experience.

2.2 Moving to the South

This is a game that changes money via ATM cards very familiar to Vietnamese people, developed from Tien to folk directly. This is a fairly simple game but especially attractive because of the intellectual requirements of the player. People use 52 Western cards, each game usually has 4 players.

The first turn, you will be given 13 cards, the rest will be “venom”. Once they have cards in hand, according to their turn, each player must find a way to make the cards be consumed as quickly as possible. Whoever runs out of cards first wins and ends the game, whoever is last and has cards is the loser.

With the card game Tien Len South, you need to pay attention to understand the rules of the game, know how to end cards and especially, know how to play cards reasonably.


This is also one of the extremely popular super products in online redemption games and also uses a 52-card deck to play. Just from 2 people can start Phom game. First, each person will be dealt 9 cards, the “one” will receive 10 cards.


Your task is to arrange 3 Phom fastest to get “Ù”. Each Phom is a combination of 3 cards in a consecutive suit or value. When dealing, the winner is the one with the lowest score. With Phom, in order to play the game of money exchange via ATM card effectively, it is necessary to note:

Find ways to consume the odd cards of great value.

Remember which cards have been played, predict which cards may have created “Phom” or wait for “Phom”.

There are tricks to “lure” the opponent to play the card you need.

Xem : Bắn cá 789BET


This is also a game that changes money via ATM cards that receive the attention of the online gaming community. To play Block, people use 100 shrimp nest cards. Due to the large number of cards, it requires players to have a good memory. The cards include images and text. There are 2 letters in the text:

The first word includes: Van, Van, Book

The second letter will represent 8 numbers including: Nhi, Tam, Tu, Ngu, Luc, That, Bat, and Cuu.

Each game will be from 3 to 5 people, but the most popular is still 4 people. With the card, the card will first be divided into 5 parts (with a standard game of 4 players), 1 part for each person and 1 part to draw. The game will stop when someone Ù.

There are many games to exchange money via ATM cards for players. However, above are some of the most popular card games in the market. Hopefully, the information we provide will help you make the right choice. 789BET welcomes you!

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