What is  First serve bet ting? Revealing Good Betting Tips

First serve bet extremely popular in sports matches, especially football. This type has very attractive winning rates at Cổng game New88. If you want to conquer the win, the following article will help you do that when participating in betting.

Explain what is the  First serve bet ?

In football, there are countless good bets and attractive payouts. One of those must certainly be mentioned is the  First serve bet . So do you know the concept of this form of betting?

This popular type of bet is also known as kick off. The main task of the bettor when participating in betting is to predict which team will serve first in the match. Then place a bet on the team you guessed with an odds according to the house’s regulations.

Because the nature of the  First serve bet  is to predict right from the first minutes of the match, the odds of winning the bet are quite difficult. However, if you are lucky enough to see it, you will receive extremely high value rewards.

In addition to finding out the main information about the match, players also need to combine sideline data such as weather, stadium… This will be the basis for you to make accurate judgments.

Instructions for betting on first serve with good tips

Many people when participating in betting at New88 believe that the bet to serve first depends entirely on luck. However, this opinion is not entirely accurate because there are many players who have won big by applying good tricks. If you also want to become the next lucky bettor, apply these top tips:

Put your trust in home team

Usually when big matches take place, the home team will have a much greater advantage. Therefore, you should pay a lot of attention to them and focus on placing bets based on your careful analysis.

During the betting process, carefully research information about the two participating sides to know which is the away team and which is the home team. In some cases, both sides are away teams, so you need to have a different strategy. Let’s compare two teams. If one side is weaker, you should bet on that team because they will have priority.

Use the 4-fold play in the  First serve bet .

These are good tips used by professional players and they will not be suitable if you are a new player. Players need to analyze carefully and bet with large amounts of capital. Therefore, control your money to avoid losing everything from the first round.

Accordingly, the application method of the 4-fold trick is as follows. Players will make predictions about which team has the right to serve first, the away team or the home team. If you have made a final decision, bet on one of the two teams.

You need to bet on the previously selected team for all 4 rounds and with increasing amounts. Every time a bet ends, the bet amount is doubled. If you are lucky, you will receive a huge bargain. If you lose, you will also lose a lot of money.

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Apply prediction tips in  First serve bets

It can be said that this is one of the unbeatable tips when making soccer bets. To be able to make a final judgment, players need to conduct careful research on each team. Please refer to previous matches to know how the serve rules are regulated.

In addition, you can also look for summary reports to analyze the results. Based on the parameters in there, calculate what percentage is the probability and serve cycle of each side.

Betting on first serve at New88 is extremely easy

If you want to participate in this bet, you can refer to the house odds table. Then follow these 3 simple steps to bet at New88 and win.

Step 1: Register to log in to New88

First, players need to register an account at the house by visiting the New88 homepage and clicking “Register”. Then provide the information requested by the dealer to complete the form. If you already have an account, you can log in directly and skip the above step.

Step 2: Choose a match and participate in the  First serve bet 

Next, you need to click on the “Sports” lobby, then select “Football” and proceed to select the match you want to participate in. Immediately after that, the house will provide an odds table, based on that, consider which team will be the lucky one to serve first and click the “Bet early” button.

Step 3: Place bet and complete the bet

Finally, players just need to review the bet one more time to be sure of their choice. Then place a bet according to the rate given by the house and confirm completion.


Information about First serve bet We have shared with you through the above article. This will be good knowledge to help players conquer the wins at New88. Remember that making a choice requires careful research and analysis, so don’t be too hasty in betting.

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