Horse racing betting game  New88 – Detailed Information for New Players

Horse racing betting game is currently one of the most popular entertainment sports at bookmakers. Simple gameplay, diverse types of bets help players have fun as well as earn money effectively. In this article, Dealer Nhà Cái New88 will provide detailed information about this top betting game. Explore now!

What is a  Horse racing betting game ?

Race New88 is a sports betting game that is popular and growing strongly in recent times. Horse racing has a long history, originating from ancient Rome and was a sport of kings and nobility in ancient times. Over thousands of years, this game has gradually become popular, making waves at reputable bookmakers.

The betting horse racing game is set up like a real-life professional tournament with intense, dramatic racing matches. Players participating in betting at the house will be provided with information and regulations about the tournaments before placing their money. Your job now is to simply analyze which steed is likely to finish first. First, you will receive a bonus according to the rate offered by the house.

Horse racing tournaments usually take place within 3-5 minutes, which has helped make the betting market more exciting and attractive than ever. You can participate in many matches during the day with just a phone or computer with an internet connection. Quickly register an account to experience and earn money every day.

Detailed rules of betting on horse racing games

To play horse racing games effectively, bettors must clearly understand the rules of the game. Below is detailed information that you can refer to when participating in betting:

Number of racing horses

In the betting horse racing game, there will be 8 – 12 horses participating in the competition and controlled by the rider. Each horse rider will have a different number, name and shirt color so players can easily place bets. Before you put down your money, you need to carefully learn the information about the horse to bet quickly and win quickly.

Betting time

Players will have 10 seconds to place bets before the match starts, then the house will close. The time for betting on horse racing games will depend on each bookmaker, usually it will take place from 3-5 minutes. Specifically, competition time will be divided as follows:

  • Time to enter and start the match is 15 seconds
  • The time to update information of each horse is 10 seconds
  • The time for players to start betting is from 5 – 10 seconds
  • The match time is from 70s – 160s.
  • Results announcement time is 10 seconds.

How to receive rewards

After the race ends, the bookie New88 Information such as strength, speed, stamina, etc. will be immediately updated and displayed right on the screen for you to follow and compare. If you win the bet, the bonus will be added to your personal account.

The results of bets will be decided by pre-programmed algorithms. The bonus amount is calculated by multiplying the initial bet amount by the house odds.

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Forms of betting on horse racing New88


At the bookies New88 Bettors can participate in many different forms of betting. Specifically,  Horse racing betting game s have the following forms:

WIN betting form

Simply put, this is a type of ticket to bet on a horse that the player predicts has a high chance of winning. The minimum number of starting horses required to organize a bet is 3. If multiple horses reach the finish line at the same time, all bettors win.

PLACE betting form

Players predict which horses will finish first, second, and third in the race and are not concerned with their rankings. If the match has only 5 to 6 racing horses, you will only bet on the first 2 positions.

QUINELLA betting form

This is a form of betting on 2 horses racing to win the highest prize in the same turn in the correct order. If the horses race in the wrong order, the player loses.

QUINELLA PLACE betting form

Players bet on 3 horses for the highest position and do not need to care about their rankings. Accordingly, players participating in this  Horse racing betting game  only need to choose at least 2 horses to place a bet.

TIERCE betting form

Players bet on horses to finish first, second, and third in the same match. Note that you must accurately predict their rankings to win the bet.

TRIO betting form

Players bet on 3 horses for first, second, and third place and do not need to care about their rankings. Accordingly, you need to choose at least 2 horses to bet on.

FIRST FOUR betting form

Players will choose at least 4 prize horses in the 4 highest positions without distinguishing their ranking order.

CROSS betting form

Simply put, this is a cross bet ticket and players will choose from 2 – 6 races at the same time to bet. Horse racing game with bets and rewards based on WIN/PLACE play.

Participate in effective horse racing games at New88

Participating in betting on horse racing games at the house is not difficult, you just need to follow the following instructions:

Step 1: Register/log in to your 188BET bookie account

This is a mandatory step to be able to participate in horse racing games and bet at the house. Then register/log in and deposit money to be able to participate.

Step 2: Go to the  Horse racing betting game 

On the home page interface, click on Sports => Horse Racing. Here information about ongoing or upcoming matches will be updated in detail by the house. You can grasp information about steeds to choose the right bet for yourself. Note that you need to place bets 3 minutes before the matches start, after which the house will close the betting window.

Step 3: Place bet

You choose the match, bet, racehorse and bet amount according to the house odds table. Then, watch the horse racing match and wait for the results to see if you win the bet or not. If you win the bet, the bonus will be automatically added to your account immediately afterwards.

Experience playing horse racing games and bet on sure to win

To effectively participate in online horse racing games and collect all your bets at the bookies, you should not ignore the experiences from veteran players below.

  • Understand the rules of horse racing betting to make accurate betting choices and be more confident in your decisions.
  • Carefully analyze information surrounding the match such as: War horses, competition history, weather, bookmakers, betting odds,… to be able to make the right decisions and increase your chances of winning bets.
  • Set a betting limit for yourself so you don’t get carried away and lose all your capital in just a few games.


Above are detailed information about betting horse racing game We have compiled and shared with fellow net players. Quickly register yourself for a member account to experience and earn money every day. New88 – No. 1 reputable and safe betting paradise in the market.

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