BK8BET – The Most Prestigious Nine Houses From Europe

K8BET is a game portal specializing in betting games, the most famous being sports betting, which is highly appreciated by many people for its huge bonus payouts. Moreover, this is also one of the most reputable bookmakers in the market. If you want to know more about this house, please refer to the content below!

1.BK . playground at a glance

The bookie BK8 was launched on the online market in 2015 and expanded to many countries in Asia. This playground started operating in Vietnam in 2017. Is a reputable bookmaker specializing in providing a number of betting games such as sports betting, shooting games, live casino betting along with many games. other attractions.

The playground is licensed and headquartered in Malta, Philippines. This bookie has participated in the Spanish national championship with many different roles: exclusive advertising partner, and main sponsor of 5 big teams in Spain. Including John Terry & Robin Van Persie as image representatives for the global brand.

As a reputable bookmaker specializing in providing a number of betting games

2.BK8BET bookie’s operation history up to now

2015: This is the first year that the bookmaker appeared in the betting market and started with the sports betting field.

2016: After a year of stable operation in sports betting, the bookie continues to move into the casino sector, specifically partnering with game provider Evolution Gaming, providing players with hundreds of dealer tables. , all genres from Baccarat, Roulette to Blackjack, …

2017: Since 2017, the e-sports industry has developed quite strongly, major tournaments have exploded on a global scale and of course the betting demand of players has begun to increase sharply, the bookie has cooperated with the house. provides IM E-Sports to open hundreds of e-sports bets for players.

2018: In this year, the bookie has operated stably and built up a fairly stable economic potential, starting to assert its mark on the world market with the initial step of becoming an electronic advertising partner of the Grand Prize. Champion of Spain 2018/19, besides also collaborating with John Terry to promote the brand.

2019: In this year of winning, BK8 continues to cooperate with famous striker Robin Van Persie in the role of brand ambassador.

2020 – 2021: Starting from this period, the bookie officially accepts deposits with cryptocurrency and becomes the main sponsor for 5 big football clubs in Spain, from 22/20: Villarreal CF, Elche CF, Athletic Club, Valencia CF and RCD Mallorca.

Screenshot 1 1

2022: Stable and on a strong growth momentum.

3.Interesting betting products at BK8BET

Products offered at the bookie include: Sports bets, Esport bets, online casino, slot games, fish shooting games, 3D games and lottery games. In each category we have different game floors. In general, when coming to this bookie, you are free to experience betting and entertainment comfortably without worrying about boredom.

  Coming to this bookie, you are free to experience betting and entertainment comfortably without worrying about boredom

3.1 Sports betting

In the field of sports betting, BK8BET provides betting services on all traditional sports present in the world such as football, basketball, tennis, bicycle racing, ….) All over the world are available on the betting platform at this bookie, from the English Premier League, Olympic to NBA, …

Players will be able to choose from many different sports bets such as handicap, over and under, exact score, parity & total goal bets…

The betting time is parallel to the event time. Moreover, the match results are always updated in real time so that players will be provided with quick and accurate information.

3.2 E-sports (Esports)

Another game segment is also very attractive and extremely hot today, that is Esport, also known as electronic sports betting. Game tournaments such as DOTA, DOTA2, CS: GO, PUBG and League of Legends are available at BK8BET with various types of bets such as handicap, over and under and championship bets. Players can also watch the tournament streamed live through the app at the bookie.

3.3 Professional Casino Casino

Professional card games are available at BK8 such as: Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, Tai faint, Roulette. This game portal also offers many interesting casino games from famous game providers such as Pragmatic Play, Dream Gaming, GD Gaming, Asia Gaming, WM Gaming, SA Game Casino, eBet Casino,…

The bet level will depend on the casino lobby and the game you choose. Specifically, with the eBet floor, the bet level of the Baccarat game will range from 20 to 150 thousand / game, the Dragon Tiger game has a bet level ranging from 20 to 100 thousand / game. Lower, there is a game of Roulette, with about 5 to 75 thousand / game.

3.4 Slot games, fish shooting games and 3D games at the house BK8BET

Referring to online entertainment games, surely we cannot ignore slot games, attractive fish shooting games, easy to play and also very easy to hit.

Screenshot 2 1

The hottest bonus slot games are available at this prestigious bookie

Players are allowed to try out the service to experience the service before playing for real If you find a high win rate, you will proceed to play for real to receive a bonus. Popular lottery games available at the house include Maya Quest, Lucky Gems, Classic Fruits 7, Crazy Monkey, Joker King, Taiga 88. Players are free to play games and bring home bonuses.

3.5Computer Lottery

If you do not want to play games or participate in sports betting, players can try the computerized lottery experience. There are three main types of lotteries currently available at the house, which are Keno, Lottery and Thai Lottery. Each type has its own features, the gameplay is also extremely simple.

BK8BET has always been a name chosen by many betting brothers across Asia when launching new betting products and services. So what are you waiting for without registering an account to become an official member of this prestigious house.

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