Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar Episode 125 Preview

‘Bigg Boss 13’ weekend ka vaar episode 125 preview should give you an idea about the show’s theme and how it will be presented in the upcoming episodes. The episode is expected to feature a challenge where the contestants have to build a house in a garden. The contestants will have to paint the house papers and the teams that build the biggest houses will win the luxury budget items. This is the first time the contestants have been asked to build houses in the garden. The contestants are expected to use a lot of paints and they will need to paint them. In the previous episode, Bigg Boss asked the contestants to choose two people to put in jail. The contestants chose Mahira and Paras as their two candidates.

The competition will also feature a magician. Aarti and Paras will visit the house to promote the film. They will also present a challenge where contestants will have to smash dummy skulls to reveal the secret message. This task will feature a special challenge that will keep the contestants glued to their seats. During this challenge, one contestant will be evicted.

The immunity challenge will also feature the ‘Bombshells’. The contestants will have to find a lock on 5 doors to get to the immunity card. The contestants will have to find the keys before the buzzer sounds, and they will need to do this before the next round. The contestants will also have to prove that they deserve to stay in the house by doing tasks.

The ‘Bigg Boss’ eviction task has been delayed for another week as the contestants continued to get nominated. Asim and Himanshi J were nominated for eviction, but she has since been saved by the Majority. Sidharth S was punished for pushing Asim and was nominated for 2 weeks. The show will resume on Saturday, when the captains will announce their next task.

On this episode of the ‘Bigg Boss’ competition, Salman Khan is expected to visit Shehnaaz Gill. The winning team includes Shehnaaz Gill, Vishal Aditya Singh, and Arti Singh. Earlier, she took the winning team on a ride, in which she was accompanied by Madhurima Tuli, Shefali Jariwala, and Vishal Aditya Singh. In the end, Salman Khan blasted Shehnaaz and the other contestants.

Salman Khan is known for his biased attitude towards contestants. His ‘favouritism’ is a source of frustration for some viewers. The show’s host has a history of choosing his favorite housemates and pulling them up when they question his choices. However, in ‘Bigg Boss 13’ Weekend Ka Vaar Episode 125 preview, Salman Khan’s bias is evident once again. The judges hardly enforce the rules of the show and have a tendency to ignore rules. Salman Khan even turned a blind eye to contestants speaking in English and pitching their voices.

During the next round, Himanshi Khurrana collapses and begins to faint. Asim Riaz comes to her aid and rescues her, but Himanshi is not able to respond. Shefali Jariwala enters the garden area and accuses the contestants of blaming her. Sidharth tells her that this is not the case.

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