Why Hi88 Casino Link Is Blocked, How To Fix It Effectively

Hi88 dealer link Why is it blocked, what is the latest link, not worrying about being blocked is what many bettors are interested in at the moment. Because sometimes the link of the house cannot be entered, causing many people to be confused. To ensure the safety of your account, please follow the suggestions we shared in the article without worrying about risk.

Why is the Hi88 dealer link not accessible?

During the experience here, there will be times when players encounter situations where they cannot access the link of Nhà cái Hi88 and are confused as to whether the house has collapsed. This condition can be caused by one of the following reasons:

Why is the Hi88 dealer link not accessible?

The Hi88 dealer link is blocked by the network operator

This is the main reason why bettors cannot enter Hi88 as usual. As we all know, Vietnam has not yet recognized online betting as a legal form of entertainment, considering it a gambling act that violates the law.

For that reason, all links related to online betting have been blocked many times by network operators and Hi88 is no exception. When blocked, players will not be able to log into the account as usual.

Why Hi88 Casino Link Is Blocked How To Fix It Effectively1

The Hi88 dealer link is blocked by the network operator

The Hi88 dealer link is overloaded

The next reason why members cannot access Hi88 to experience is because the website is overloaded. There will be times of the day, when the number of people accessing the same time is too high, leading to the server being overloaded, all betting activities are suspended and cannot be performed, especially the evening time frame from 8 pm onwards.

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Hi88’s website is under maintenance

When the website of the bookie Hi88 conducts maintenance to upgrade the server or fix minor errors, upgrade the game, players will also be interrupted for a short period of time. Bettors can update this information on the dealer’s notice or ask Hi88’s customer service department for answers.

How to access the Hi88 dealer link smoothly?

There are many different ways for you to access your Hi88 account and participate in betting as usual. Here are a few solutions that bettors can refer to:

Access the backup Hi88 dealer link

In case the dealer’s link is blocked by the network operator, you can enter through Hi88’s official backup links. This system is under the direct management of the playground, ensuring the interface as well as all game features are standard.page Official website, just different domain. You can safely access and experience without worry. The standard link we have put in this article, everyone can refer to.

Why Hi88 Casino Link Is Blocked How To Fix It Effectively2

How to access the Hi88 dealer link smoothly?

Change DNS to access the Hi88 dealer link

Those of you who are playing games on your PC and are blocked, you can proceed to change the DNS for the device to make the access process smooth:

  • Step 1: Open the computer, go to the search bar of the device => Click “Control Panel” => Select “Network and Internet” => Click “Network and Sharing Center”.
  • Step 2: Next, select “Change Adapter Settings” => Right-click on “Ethernet” => Click “Properties”.
  • Step 3: Here you choose to go to “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” => Then select “Properties”.
  • Step 4: Finally, select “Use the Following DNS serve addresses” and then change the IP address for the computer to one of the following IP addresses:
  • DNS of Google browser: –
  • Verizon’s DNS is: –
  • DNS for OpenDNS: –

After completing the process of changing DNS for your computer, you will go back to the Hi88 dealer link and see the link to access smoothly, not blocked anymore. And if you have changed the DNS according to the above instructions and still can’t log in, maybe the machine is still cached, the user needs to clear the web history by:

  • For Google browserChrome: Open GoogleChrome => Press Ctrl H key combination => Select “Clear all Browsing data”.
  • With Firefox browser: Turn on Firefox => Click “History” => Select “Clear Recent History” => Finally click “Clear now”.

Access blocked Hi88 dealer link through VPN switch

Another way for you to enter Hi88 smoothly without worrying about being blocked is to use VPN converter software. Some apps you can use like: Vietpn, OpenVpn for the purpose of Fake IP from other countries for computers. Users can access the store on their phone, find and download apps that support this feature.

In addition to the ways to access Hi88 blocked above, you can also access your Hi88 account through the mobile app. With just a few steps to download the app to your device, bettors can enjoy an extremely smooth experience.

Above we have just answered for you the question of why the Hi88 dealer link is blocked and the most effective way to fix it. In case you have applied all of the above methods and still cannot access Hi88, you should contact Customer Service for support to find out the cause as well as the appropriate solution to avoid confusion.

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