What is SEO and why business projects need it?

Surprised by the speed of promotion of your site? Are you ready to load yourself with gigabytes of technical and other information? It is much easier to be a little on the topic, but leave the implementation of site promotion to an SEO specialist.

Undoubtedly, many people have repeatedly heard about the need for timely optimization of the site, but when receiving the bill, they do not quite understand what SEO is and why business projects need SEO promotion, who is an SEO specialist, what are his functions, and in general, is there a need to resort at his service, if the site is initially created according to the higher category and should not “fall behind”.

In the 21st century, the promotion of online stores and sites in search engine spaces is a mandatory, but rather a costly component of an advertising campaign.

To put all the dots above the “i”, we decided that it is important to tell in more detail what the work of an SEO optimizer is, what affects the speed of promotion, and how Google updates can affect the ranking of an online page. And to provide our clients with comprehensive answers, we involved an SEO specialist from the WebMate IT group of companies right before the article’s creation, which allowed us to supplement the theory with practical explanations, remarks, and recommendations.

Factors affecting the speed of site promotion in the TOP

Sacramento SEO is the effective work of the site, because the results of its promotion are affected by many factors.

Google search engine takes into account hundreds of factors in order to allocate sites by position. According to the statistics provided by the companies themselves, Google has about 200 ranking factors. Without knowledge and understanding of these factors, it will be very difficult, and sometimes even unrealistic, to promote the site to the top positions of search engines.

How updates affect SEO promotion

The impact of search engine updates can be both very positive and tragic for businesses. Because some companies may lose up to 80% of traffic to the site with poor promotion and regular algorithm updates.

Examples of what happens when the algorithm is updated:

  • Site down
  • Site growth

Why do you need an SEO specialist?

An SEO specialist is someone who makes a website visible to users and search engines. In order to cope with the external and internal circumstances that directly affect the site, you definitely need the help of an optimization specialist.

Who is an SEO specialist? This is someone who, for the sake of website promotion, is ready to study all 200 Google ranking factors.

The task of site promotion specialists is to monitor and respond in a timely manner to rapid changes in the field of SEO. That is, as our colleague himself says, “understanding what is being updated and adapting to these updates, as well as predicting what all the changes are leading to.

For the TOP-10 in search engines, it is not enough to simply create nice-themed pictures, create convenient page navigation, write text and insert a search query into them. SEO promotion is a system that needs to be known and understood.

Works are divided into permanent and additional.

Permanent (every 30 days):

  • search, understanding and use of the latest SEO trends;
  • basic and additional optimization of pages according to requests so that they grow in the search, development of functionality in accordance with the requirements of the selected Google and Yandex search engines;
  • analysis of site positions;
  • development of an SEO strategy taking into account the niche for which the site was created;
  • technical audit of the site;
  • analysis of the uniqueness and quality of texts;
  • work with external links that lead to the site (analysis, planning, purchase, selection of sites for buying links according to 10 indicators, further verification, acceleration of their indexing);
  • expanding the semantics of the site (selling and informational pages);

Additional (irregular):

Planning the scope of work and budgeting:

  • to external links;
  • for a copywriter (preparation of texts);
  • for programmers (for technical solutions of particular complexity).

This is the main part of the work that makes up the budget for SEO, without which the site will be just another line on your business cards, booklets and expenses in the company’s budget for its creation.

It is also worth noting that the price of SEO, that is, a set of works aimed at promotion, like any other type of advertising, mainly depends on the reach (which is the breadth of the audience you need to “showcase your site”). That is, promotion in the local region will cost several times cheaper than covering the territory of the entire country, for example. The higher the ambitions of the business in terms of reaching the audience, the bigger the budget should be laid on the SEO of the site.

For effective allocation of the budget and achieving high results, we still recommend contacting professionals who will cover all Internet marketing issues and you will have time to run your business like a boss.

Want a result? Don’t waste your time, don’t risk your business. Especially now, when the online component of business is replacing the usual, offline methods of interaction with the audience.

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