Recognizing Capacitors in BERYL

A brand-new high-frequency, high-voltage, polymer hybrid capacitor brand created explicitly for commercial lighting, power supplies, and audio applications is called the BERYL capacitor. Over many years, the BERYL capacitor has been carefully developed.

What is a BERYL Capacitor, exactly?

On March 25, 2004, BERYL Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was founded with a registered capital of 5,1066.56 million RMB. It is a high-tech company under the National Torch Plan that combines research, development, production, and sales of supercapacitors, modules, and aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

With a 2 billion piece yearly production capacity, it boasts the most sophisticated production line in the sector, contemporary workshops, suitable office settings, and production workshops.

How do BERYL capacitors function?

A particular kind of capacitor used in electrical equipment is the “BERYL” capacitor. It is so called because the electrodes of the capacitor are made of the metal beryllium. Two metal plates (referred to as electrodes) are joined by an insulating substance to form the “BERYL” capacitor (called a dielectric). The other electrode is constructed of a different metal, whereas one of the electrodes is made of beryllium.

Why is it vital to have a BERYL capacitor?

A tool that stores energy in an electrical field is the BERYL capacitor. It is constructed from two metal plates that are spaced apart by a dielectric substance. A solid, liquid, or gel may serve as the dielectric substance. Electrical equipment, including computers, mobile phones, and digital cameras, use BERYL capacitors. Because of its high capacitance, the BERYL capacitor has a large energy storage capacity.

Different BERYL Capacitor Types

A beryllium oxide (BeO) electrolyte is used in BERYL capacitors, a form of electrolytic capacitor. Compared to other electrolytes, the BeO electrolyte has a greater dielectric constant, allowing it to hold more charge. The BeO electrolyte holds its charge for a longer period since it has a lower leakage current than other electrolytes.


A distinctive and significant element in electrical circuits is the BERYL capacitor. By comprehending how it works, you may employ it to your benefit in a variety of applications.

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