4 Beautiful Communities in British Columbia

Community is something that matters to everyone, so when considering moving or planning a vacation, it makes sense that you’d think about this before anything else.  

These are the top four fantastic communities in British Columbia and why they’re must-visit destinations.

Why British Columbia?

British Columbia may not be what everyone thinks of the moment they consider moving to Canada: but it should be!  This gorgeous province has everything from high mountains to beautiful ocean views and the only rainforest in the country.  There are also endless activities and fun to enjoy here, from an artsy community to active winter sports and incredible laid-back living: British Columbia should be on the top of your to-visit lists.

West Vancouver

Vancouver may feel like a giant city: but on its west side, all of this noise slips away.  Western Vancouver is a quiet waterside area that allows you to slip into a comfortable community of creative and varied people.  There’s always something to do and see here, and with mountains, cities, and open water views, you have the best of every world.  Living in this area is fantastic, and everyone should consider it.


A small artsy town on the southern border of British Columbia, this city is so close to Seattle that you can see it across the water at night.  Victoria is a fantastic art-centered town that has a young population of people who are mostly transplants from around the country and world.  Whether you’re eager to get to know the small city life or you want to take in the most beautiful open water views in the world, Victoria will stun anyone.


Worried about getting stuck inside all winter?  That’s not a problem in Whistler!  This fantastic town is the global capital for winter sports and gives everyone the chance to get out and enjoy the fresh air while taking in the views.  From skiing to snowboarding and ice skating, you can do anything you want and have fun while you’re going.  

In the summer, when the snow melts away, the mountains turn vivid hues of green and welcome activities like hiking, camping, and canoeing.  Visiting here is heaven, and living here is unlike anything else on Earth.  Just be prepared for a steep price tag since real estate for sale in Whistler is some of the most expensive in the country.


Nestled in Okanagan Valley, this gorgeous little town of fewer than 150,000 people is an incredible place to live if you want to feel connected to both metro and provincial living.  Curling around the shore of Okanagan Lake, and surrounded by countless pine forests, provincial parks, vineyards, mountains, and orchards, living here is unlike anything else.  This community is the quietest on this list and is a fantastic place to get away if you want to start fresh and enjoy a tight-knit community.  

This Province Is Incredible From Any Angle

Whether you’re planning a vacation or you’re considering moving out to British Columbia, this province has something for anyone and aims to stun.  Consider checking out some of these communities the next chance you get!

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