Is Cinnamon a Toxic Food Ingredient to My Puppy?

Cinnamon is a common ingredient used in making various sweet and savory dishes. While cinnamon has plenty of health benefits for humans, it may not have the same impact on your furry pet. Puppy may be waiting to grab a few quick bites of fresh cinnamon buns or warm pumpkin pies you might be baking in the kitchen. Yet, you may need to think twice before offering your eagerly waiting pup some food crumbs topped with cinnamon.

Also, ensure the family members eat cinnamon-laden bakes and desserts neatly at the dining table without dropping them in bits and pieces on the floor. You need to take care so your little pup doesn’t gorge on the fallen table scraps and make a clean sweep before you can even think of clearing the messy floor. Cinnamon may be non-toxic for your pet when consumed in small quantities but can cause stomach upset on excessive intake.

It is best if you remember that there can be other items like caffeine, chocolate, raisins, macadamia nuts, xylitol, etc., in many cinnamon-based food products that can cause pet poisoning. Pet insurance for dogs covers your fur baby’s non-routine vet visits, medications, diagnosis, and treatment during accidents and pet emergencies. Pet insurance can potentially sort you out on your puppy’s medical bills as you provide your fur baby with excellent health care.

You can quickly search online to find popular pet insurers and inquire into pet insurance cost before buying a policy. For the moment, read some FAQs surrounding cinnamon consumption by furry pets.

Should my puppy not eat cinnamon at all?

Minor consumption may be appreciable. However, ensure your treat recipe is devoid of food ingredients considered toxic for puppies.

You can always choose safer options like dog biscuits made of pet-safe items like peanut butter, honey, sweet potato, turkey, pumpkin puree, etc., along with cinnamon. Feed your pet only puppy snacks and treats so they enjoy their edibles and stay healthy as well.

What can happen when my puppy indulges in cinnamon bakes frequently?

Then again, you need to know that portions matter. Ingesting mild quantities may not hurt your pet. Having said that, feasting on baked food items repeatedly isn’t a great idea because they can be loaded with fat and sugar.

Taking in calories more than needed regularly can lead to diabetes, obesity, pancreatitis, and other health complications. And that is why puppy parents must feed their furry little ones in moderation.

My puppy just swallowed a few cinnamon doughnuts; what should I do?

You may need to stay calm and take your fur baby to the vet to manage the situation. Cinnamon may not be fatal to pups but can adversely affect your furry baby’s tummy. Follow your vet’s suggestions to help your pet get rid of any discomfort.

By all means, monitoring your puppy is essential to keep them happy and healthy. It would greatly help if you instructed the family members or guests at home not to feed your pupper human food. However, even with all care and caution, sometimes puppies can get their paws and mouth on forbidden food items.

Pet insurance for dogs can help you provide your furry baby with the much-needed medical support at economical costs during accidents and health emergencies. Pet insurance is available in different levels of cover, so compare plans and inquire about pet insurance cost before you sign up for a policy.

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