How Can I Send Documents Securely for Free: Encryption Features

When you intend to send or share secure documents, you need to consider their size. In the majority of cases, the size is large, especially when the quality of content matters. The quality is important when you send, for instance, videos or images. The job can be simplified by using paid or free services. Some of them can be used on all continents. 

Documents that are sent by email can be password protected. This feature can be taken advantage of on any computer. The password must be shared with the potential reader. It is not recommended to share documents via email without appropriate protection. Security also depends on the network. One chooses an option where fraudsters cannot access the files. 

There are free websites for exchanging data. Is it worth using them? Each company or individual makes the decision at their own discretion. One chooses the service with which it is easier to keep track of the files being transferred. These are projects, tables, videos, images, contracts, and invoices. The more documents there are, the more complicated it may be to keep track of them. Regular services fail to work because of their quantity. 

Encryption When Sending Secure Documents

Encryption is a security method where information is transmitted in the form of a code. It can only be unlocked by the recipient of the email. Stored data is protected from unauthorized access. Before sending, files are converted to operate on another device or computer system.  

To read the documents, they must first be decrypted. Recipients only need to enter a special key for this. It can be symmetric (the same as the sender has). Encryption keys must not be sent with the document. It is better to send them through a different channel (not email). 

Google Drive as File Sharing Software

Individuals use Google Drive for secure file sharing. There is absolutely no need in any software to be downloaded beforehand. It is adapted to four operating systems, such as

  • iOS;
  • Windows;
  • Android;
  • macOS. 

If a document does not exceed 15 GB, it can be placed in cloud storage for free. One transmitted file should not be more than 10 GB. It is possible to send a folder at once. In addition to viewing, recipients are given the possibility of editing. It is important to give the latter a sufficient level of access. 

It is possible to delete files with malware. The use of encryption is recommended. Additional features include:

  • copying text with pictures; there is the possibility of recognition of the latter;
  • searching for the desired image with the help of a special system;
  • downloading photos and videos automatically. 

You can synchronize storage with macOS and Windows. If employees use the same drive, there is no need to send documents to each other. 

File Sharing Software: Reasons to Use

It is better to use file sharing software when sending confidential information by e-mail. In this case, the attachment is securely linked to the email. The only person who can read it is the intended recipient. Confidential information is securely protected. You can encrypt it:

  • attachment;
  • document;
  • the whole e-mail. 

In the latter case, encryption protocols are used. You need to find out if they are embedded at rest. The fewer logs are stored, the better. Encrypting the attachment is one of the most secure methods of sending the data. There is a requirement: the sender and receiver must use the same format. You can come up with a password to protect the file when you intend to send it. 


Using a special website makes it easier to send documents. You can do without the use of USB drives. Email attachments cannot be opened without a special key. 

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