Exploring the Thrills of Fish Shooting and Pot Explosions at Jun88

Shooting fish and exploding jars Considered one of the oldest and most attractive games at Jun88. Not only is the image quality extremely high, but this game portal also gives members huge bonuses. Please read the following article to learn more about this subject.

Introducing the fish shooting game at Jun88

Trang chủ Jun88 game portal’s fish shooting games are not too different from competitors on the market. However, when participating, players will know the reason why so many members love and choose this super product.

Because in the process of hunting sea monsters, you can accumulate your bullet points into “super huge” jars. Over a period of time or a fixed score, the jar will become the player’s goal. Whoever shoots the decisive shot is considered to explode the pot and collect bonus points from all participants at the table.

This is considered the biggest attraction of the game portal for members. Because in case you have almost exhausted your capital and manage to break the big pot, it is no different from winning the jackpot. The following is a summary of some of the most popular fish shooting games at Jun88.

Fishing makes a fortune

This is a game released by YGR that Jun88 has signed to bring to its members. Fishing to get rich is not set in an ocean but in offerings of money and gold to Vietnamese folk gods. In the game, you will “offer” your bet to Tao Quan, 8 Gods of Wealth in 8 directions, Ong Tao, Dragon King, and Tho Dia.

Each game will randomly appear gods or Tiger Kings, accompanied by different betting rewards. For example, Tay Bac Lo Than Tai has a bonus rate of x100 – x350. In case you “worship” with 200 VND and win at x200, you will receive up to 40,000 VND.

In addition, shooting fish and exploding jars in the game will be called Wheel of Fortune which appears randomly with rewards ranging from x380-x1200. That means if you reach the highest level, if you bet 100 you will win up to 120,000.

City Goldfish fishing

As a game set on the sea, gamers will focus on hunting nemo fish, seagulls, and sharks that appear in groups. While playing, there will be small gold bars to help you accumulate capital. This is extremely important because there is a possibility of a large pot appearing with the appearance of a God of Fortune with a reward of up to x3600.

Please note that in this game, yellow animals have a higher value than normal colored creatures. Therefore, be very focused to hunt for the right target to bring in big profits.

Second master catches fish

There is a very familiar image of the seabed, the participants will shoot targets in the ocean. Animals such as small fish, squid, octopus,… have a reward scale of 2-40. Other fish such as Doc Giac Ngu, Red Whale, Blue Horned Fish or Arowana will bring profits from 45-80.

Before the final Boss appears, Quan Nhi Gia – Quan Vu (15-800 bonus points), there will be signaling animals such as Jellyfish, Turtle, and Stingray with a reward of 50-70. And shooting fish to explode in this game is the Golden Bowl with Jackpot up to x3600, extremely attractive, right?

Tips for playing fish shooting and popping jars are simple and easy to win

To play and bring huge profits, you should accumulate a lot of experience from experts. The following tips will easily help you earn a lot of bonuses.

Don’t shoot the pot right away

In fact, every time the Jackpot appears, it will take a long time for members to drain the target’s health. Therefore, you should not put all your effort into shooting down from the beginning. Wait for this pot of gold to go 3/4 of the way before firing.

Choose the right ammo

In fish shooting, the power of the bullet is not so important, but the first thing that helps you win the prize is to shoot at the right time. For example, if the target has 100 health, you cannot use your strongest ammo from the beginning. You should wait for other players to shoot first, then when the time is right, put all your capital to spend and get rewarded.
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In this game, focusing on observing the participating members as well as the goals is important. More specifically, before depositing money or entering the match, pay attention to how much time the Big Boss takes or how much ammunition is needed to destroy it. After understanding these characteristics, when the pot appears, let the other players reduce their health first and then take it all in.


Information you need to know and tips to easily win big in the game Shoot fish and explode was reported by Jun88 in the above article. Hopefully with what has been revealed, you will increase your winning rate.

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