Want to Outsource Application Development? Avoid these 5 Common Mistakes 

Today’s fast-tech era is a dog-eat-dog world. Wondering why I’m making such a bold statement? Seven million mobile apps are available in App, and Play Stores for download, and it’s no wonder people rely on different apps for their daily activities. So, if you want an edge over other companies, your business application must be a class by itself to emerge from this wild jungle. Our company specializes in providing top-notch mobile app development services for businesses of all sizes.

Well! Of course, for your business app to succeed, you must employ the best mobile or web application development services. And if you’re thinking of outsourcing your app development, it’s an excellent choice, believe me. However, there are certain times when you may make some severe mistakes in your overall mobile app journey. I agree that sometimes it’s essential to make mistakes; it’s how you learn. However, some errors are a big no-no. 

As the great Benjamin Franklin said, ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.’ 

Outsourcing app development isn’t anything new but becoming increasingly popular and desirable. Technologies are evolving rapidly; searching, hiring, and managing an in-house development team can be costly in multiple ways. Employee expenses and the resources you require to get the job done can make custom app development out of reach for many businesses. 

So, when you outsource software development, you can experience on-demand adaptability and access to a pool of niche and unique skill sets that might otherwise be quite impossible. While the advantages of app outsourcing are apparent, there are a few standard things to avoid when outsourcing app development. Or it can lead to some severe issues. Believe me when I say this! 

Want to know what those mistakes can be? No fear when I’m here! 

In this article, we’ll talk about the common mistakes companies make when outsourcing app development. But first, let’s start with the basics. 

Let’s start this short yet knowledgeable ride. 

What Does ‘Outsourcing App Development’ Means? 

Currently, you have two choices available when it comes to enterprise mobile app development.

Either you can develop it in-house or opt for an outsourcing partner to design and build it for you.  

In-house app development needs an internal developers’ team that is determined and expert enough to put in extra effort and manage the additional workload. There will be specific times when you need to hire some other resources if required and believe me, the entire process could consume a lot of time and expand your budget. This is why enterprises nowadays prefer to outsource their app development projects to a renowned third-party vendor. 

Outsourcing can smoothly figure out these pain points for you. Moreover, it’s a remarkable way to enhance your app’s turnaround time, cut expenses, save time and resources, minimize risks, and win the best workforce to manage the app development process. 

Let’s now discuss the crux of our article. 

Mistakes to Avoid When Outsourcing App Development 

App development outsourcing requires paying a third-party vendor to build your app or software solutions. Seems so easy, right? Wait, wait for more! The process begins, and then quickly, you understand it’s anything but just creating custom apps. It is much more than just writing code and publishing your software product. It’s essential to take your time and find a qualified mobile app development services that can help you accomplish your goals. And with this, let’s come to our first mistake. 

  1. Not Understanding Your Business GOALS 

You might have decided what your app should do, but do you understand how you want to get at that position? Only clear-cut, practical expectations and a clearly defined project scope help your outsource development team complete the project on time and deliver the product you expect. It also smoothens your relationship with the outsourcing team. The following are a few things to consider when planning your software project: 

  • Do you want to start from scratch or revamp an existing app or software?                                                                                                           
  • Is there a need to integrate software with existing solutions? 
  • Is the app for company use only, or is it client-oriented? Will your app use smartphone hardware? 
  • Do you have any source code you are willing to use? 
  • What is your industry-specific rules and protocols? 
  • Will you require your outsourcing team to also helps with ongoing maintenance? 

Ask yourself these questions, and you’ll clearly define your utmost goals and what you expect from the outsourcing team. In this way, you stand an excellent opportunity for a successful app launch. 

1.  Failing to Set a Budget 

Total cost estimation is an essential consideration in outsourcing. However, it should not compromise quality. Outsourcing minimizes the overall software development cost, but it doesn’t mean cheap. Budget estimation helps you and the development team define if the partnership is possible. A healthy dose of opportunism helps here, too (well, yes!). Also, if you’re consulting multiple service providers, and they all are quoting above your budget, you might need to reconsider if your cost estimations are even possible.  

And let me tell you that the worst decision you can ever make is to choose the company that you think is cheap, and that promises to deliver what you need when other providers have told you it’s not possible in that range. Yes, it might be a SCAM! 

2.  Not Focusing on Methodologies 

No matter how impressive your application or software idea is, if the approach or methodology your software development outsourcing partner uses outcomes in a slow time to market, you’ll not receive the ROI (return on investment) you expect and deserve. Businesses nowadays prefer an agile development approach for their software development that concentrates strongly on an entire project development lifecycle. Using agile methodologies for software development makes collaboration clear-cut, concise, and efficient. As a result, you can experience faster delivery, better project management, and a high-performance product. 

3.  Not Building Ground for Open Communication 

Consistent, open two-way communication is equivalent to success. It is essential to have open and transparent communication throughout the development process as it reduces assumptions and misconceptions, assuring the entire team, including the client, agrees. 

Always remember one thing – excellent communication begins from day one. Asking questions, whether small or big, directly will help you know what to expect. There are several important questions, including, what is the technical core of your organization? What approach do you prefer? What are your security standards? How do you guarantee our data is safe? What will happen if any loopholes occur? Will you be able to resolve it? And many more questions like these. 

4. Not Doing Proper Research  

A reputable outsource development company worth its salt will share past work samples or case studies with you. It will help you make a better decision. Does the organization work or worked with industries and businesses like yours? Do the case studies clearly explain the client’s objective and its solution? Always remember, it’s not all about coding – yes, you can’t develop your product without it! But there are several other factors to consider. Some software developers lack the business capabilities to transform your vision into a beautiful software solution. 


Belonging to a tech world, I would suggest you collaborate with a reliable company for a seamless outsourcing software development experience. 

Now, you’ve decided to outsource app development work to a company; believe me, it is an exciting phase in your business growth journey. However, to be honest, it can also turn into a nightmare within seconds if you are ignorant of some common mistakes you should prevent. 

I hope this list of five mistakes to prevent will help you choose your app development company effectively and efficiently. And believe me when I say this, having the right strategic partner who knows and understands your web development vision is the key to success and can add more feathers to your cap. Therefore, it is essential to be very keen and specific while choosing a software outsourcing company to make your dream a reality. 

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